Rus Eng


Russia, Arkhangelsk

- All types of dock ship-repair works with a deadweight of up to 7000 ton;
- Watercraft and ship building, production and assembling of steel constructions, welding;
- Repairing of different diesel engines, fuel injection equipment with bench tests;
- Repairing of marine boilers, pumps, compressors, any types of deck machinery and loading equipment;
- Repairing of ship pipelines and fittings of any function;
- Repairing of ship electrical equipment, electrical units and electric power systems;
- Repairing of ships fittings (doors, hatches, hatch covers, etc.);
- Ship carpentry, joinery and painting;
- Production of shafts and different rotary parts of up to 11 meters, all types of machining;
- Technical examination of steel cylinders with volume of up to 400 liters and pressure of up to 200 kgf/cm2;
- Non-destructive testing (thickness measuring, USC and other) of parts and shell plating.

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